Inclusive Product Line

Today’s fashion consumer is more socially conscious than ever before, and is often disappointed by the practices and products of major fast-fashion brands. A&V recognizes that fashion should be inclusive, sustainable, and impact-driven - the way in which we dress and accessorize is an extremely important part of our lives, who we are, and how we are perceived - therefore, A&V is committed to offering the conscious consumer products that allow them to stay true to their values.
Our Inclusive Product Line is made using sustainable materials, engaging in fair trade practices, prioritizing wearer inclusivity, and recognizing fashion’s potential to change hearts and minds.
Under our Inclusive Product Line, we are planning to develop a range of apparel such as the She-Shirt and the We-Shirt - so that our customers can proudly wear their values, Eco A&V - a line of start-to-finish animal friendly products, A&V Go Green - for the environmentally-conscious wearer in search of organic, sustainable, and minimal-waste products,
and A&V Every Me and A&V Spectrum - for all kinds of bodies, regardless of size, shape, or gender expression!
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Inclusive Product Line

1. She-Shirt

2. We-Shirt

3. Eco A&V

4. A&V Go Green

5. A&V Every ME

6. A&V Spectrum