About Us

A&V is a clothing and fashion accessories brand that puts the customer first - not only are our clothes and accessories made with thought and care, keeping in mind our consumers’ tastes, their preferences, and the latest trends in fashion, we also believe that clothing should be inclusive!
Founded in 2021 by two sisters, Amaeera and Vannia, we believe we have a unique perspective when it comes to tastes and preferences of the modern, young woman. Our clothing and accessories don’t fit into the fast-fashion mold of mass-produced, identical clothes - instead, we allow our customers to customize our products, including DIY tie-dye kits and customizable t-shirts and scrunchies. We are also proud to offer one-of-a-kind product lines, such as our uniquely patterned loungewear sets.
 Our latest initiative is the A&V Inclusive Product Line - we believe that fashion should be one step ahead, and we pride ourselves on offering products that are inclusive, sustainable, and impact-driven! You can find out more about the Inclusive Product Line here, or browse the collection on our online store!